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Vegboost is a Digital Marketing Agency serving the mission-driven movers and shakers of the world. We help vegan, plant-based and eco-friendly businesses, organizations and influencers navigate the complex challenges of the drastically changing Digital landscape.

About us

As a team of (com)passionate and skilled Vegan Marketers and Designers with vast experiences, we believe that Veganism must be deeply understood in order to be marketed effectively.

Our mission is to boost solutions that create a sustainable, cruelty free and healthy planet. We help vegan and mission-driven organizations and individuals reach, grow and engage with their ideal target audiences. 

We are based in Tel Aviv,  and our associates work in Israel and Europe. Our team members are fluent in English, German and Hebrew. 

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Social Media Marketing

Community Management | Ads | Influencer Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

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Web Development

Webdesign | Landing pages | Maintenance | Optimization

Content Marketing

Content strategy | Content Creation

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy | Consulting

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Brand strategy | Graphic Design

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Email Marketing

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We offer Standard, as well as customized Social Media and other Digital Marketing Packages upon request.


Our Clients

We welcome clients from various fields and industries, and work with Not-for and For profit organizations. Our focus is to support those with Digital Marketing who have one thing in common: Creating a sustainable, healthy and kind world for animals, humans and the environment. 

What people say about us

Vegboost worked with me on various Marketing and Fundraising projects in the Animal rights and Alternative protein space, and has been managing my organization’s Social Media and Website. They has proven her capabilities by delivering excellent results each time. As an example, our Facebook page grew from 9k to 122k Followers within a year, and the content has reached millions of people. I enjoy working with the team that is so passionate about creating a better world, and is easy to communicate with.

Ronen bar

Co-Founder Sentient & Food Visionaries

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What we believe

„Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.“ 


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